Future Forward

An Early Literacy Program

Future Forward is a cost-effective, research-based early reading intervention that works. Future Forward's program model is proven to improve student reading achievement by integrating one-on-one tutoring and family engagement into its design.

The program specifically serves students in Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade who have been identified as struggling readers. By reaching children through a multi-tiered strategy that affects multiple sectors of their daily experience, the Future Forward program is more effective than any one approach or intervention on its own. Each Future Forward site is supervised by a certified teacher or youth serving professional and has dedicated space to support literacy instruction and house Future Forward curriculum and materials. The Future Forward program is freestanding, using dedicated staff and resources, yet has the full collaboration of school administrators and classroom teachers.

Future Forward's ultimate goal is for all students to read at grade level by the end of third grade.

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The following essential components are the life force of the program:


our team

“Just knowing that I am having an impact on not only someone’s education, but also them as a person truly means a lot to me and is one of the main reasons I started tutoring.” 


“...all kids are different, they work and learn at
different paces and when it comes to working with them its up to me to learn and find other ways to teach them.” 


“The pride and self
confidence the children gain through learning is invaluable.”


“Progressively throughout the semester kids were starting to improve in their letter and sound recognition, which
was awesome to see!"


“As much as I am teaching the children, they are teaching me. Since becoming a tutor in the SPARK program, I have
become a much more patient person."


“The kids are gaining self
confidence through positive reinforcement they might not otherwise have gotten and will be prepared to take on the world!"


“Teaching or
working in the education field wasn't always something on my mind but being able to see and learn from others that work in
the field as a career has change my mind and something that I hope to do as a career myself."


“The opportunity to help foster skills that will stick with students forever is an honorable task. One of my students who
struggled in the beginning has really shown me the power of patience and hard work. She is genuinely a student who
is eager to learn and whom great things will continue to come from in the future."


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